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There was a bizarre gunfight in Guadalupe

The suspect said "I'm going to blast them," then returned on a bike with a gunshot wound in the back.
Credit: 12 News

GUADALUPE, Arizona — This is a story that's better to tell from the end: The guy with the gun was shot in the back, but he's OK and in jail.

The story begins in late October on South Avenida del Yaqui in Guadalupe, according to court documents.  Francisco Solano is driving in his car with his four kids. Someone Solano knows shoots at the car six times. No one's hurt. The car isn't hit. 

Solano stops the car and gets out. A witness hears him say "I'm going to go blast them." He gets out of the car and walks across Biehn Park. Then he starts running. A witness hears two gunshots.  Then there's a pause. Then five more shots. Solano, court documents say, has found his guy.

What happens next is unclear. But Solano is next seen riding a bike down East Calle Igelsia with a gunshot wound to his back. 

Police eventually arrest him. Solano tells police the guy who shot at him was "Derek," and Solano's account bears no resemblance at all to anything two witnesses said or several surveillance cameras captured, according to court documents. Solano is charged with one count of misconduct involving weapons. Police say they know who the other shooter is -- they just haven't located or arrested him yet.

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