PHOENIX — A Gilbert couple was arrested within a week of each other after the husband allegedly molested multiple young girls and the wife allegedly covered up the crimes. 

George Little was arrested at his job July 11 on one count of child molestation and his wife, Leslie, was arrested in downtown Phoenix on Thursday on one count of child abuse and four counts of failure to report child abuse.

According to court documents, George Little allegedly molested five young girls multiple times in his residence or in his camping trailer. 

The first reported incidents happened when the girls were 5 or 6 years old; they are now 13. The most recent reported incident occurred in June. 

Little, who was a foster parent, a church volunteer who worked with children and a volunteer with the Girl Scouts, is accused of a wide range of abuse, from touching the girls' genitals to attempting to get two victims to abuse each other to exposing himself. 

One of the alleged incidents occurred while Little was wearing a shirt that read, "World's Best Dad."

According to court documents, at least four victims told Leslie Little that her husband had molested them. 

Leslie Little told Gilbert police in May that a then 3-year-old child—for whom Leslie was an in-home caregiver five days a week—told her three years ago that George Little molested her on two occasions. 

According to court documents, Leslie did not report the allegation and "decided the allegation was false."

Leslie also told police that a year ago, a then-12-year-old child who was also in her care told her that George Little molested her on more than one occasion, beginning when she was 6. 

Leslie did not report that allegation of molestation to police either and made the victim speak to George regarding the claim. After several days, the victim recanted her statements, court documents said. 

A 7-year-old girl told investigators in July that she told Leslie that George had molested her in December 2018 or early 2019. Shortly after the girl told Leslie, she overheard Leslie and George arguing about him touching the girl. 

After the girl told Leslie that George molested her, George allegedly molested her again. The girl told investigators that Leslie walked in the room when George molested her a second time and a verbal argument ensued, during which Leslie threatened to call the police but ultimately did not. 

The girl said that Leslie allowed George to remain in contact with the girl, even after the girl told Leslie that the second molestation caused a rash. 

According to the girl, Leslie asked her to "spy" on her husband and report if he touched other children. The girl allegedly saw George molest two other children and immediately reported the abuse to Leslie, who did not report it. 

A fourth victim told Leslie that she was molested by George. Leslie also did not report it. 

When she spoke to police on Thursday, Leslie told police that she did not want to start a police investigation with the first victim because she eventually recanted, and called two other victims "liars."

George was ordered to post a $75,000 bond and Leslie was ordered to post a $25,000. If they were to post bond, they would be held on house arrest with electronic monitoring. 

George is set to appear in court next on July 22, while Leslie is expected to appear July 25. 

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