PHOENIX - A former Arizona State University football player is facing charges of making a terrorist threat toward the university's athletics program last week.

According to police, 20-year-old Edward Robinson posted on social media Friday around noon saying that he wanted to buy a gun, shoot people and "spray the stadium."

In other social media posts, Robinson said he did not care if he went to jail or was killed, police said. He later told police he wanted media attention so he could tell his story.

ASU sent out an alert to community members' phones that read: "ASUPD investigating specific threat to Sun Devil Football. Other campus activities not affected."

There was never a lockdown, but people entering one of the athletic facility buildings were directed to a door that had a police officer manning it. All doors were available for exit, and no other buildings had a restriction on entering.

Robinson barricaded himself at his friends apartment near Scottsdale Road and Playa Del Norte Drive for a few hours after posting the threat. Police tracked Robinson's location by pinging his cell phone. He eventually surrendered to Tempe Police Department's SWAT team.

Police arrested Robinson on suspicion of terroristic threats, disruption of an educational institution and possession of marijuana.

Robinson is a former student but has not been enrolled at ASU for more than a year, police said.