PHOENIX — Dion Earl, a Mesa man and former owner of an indoor soccer team based in Seattle, was sentenced to twelve years in prison for sexually assaulting two babysitters who worked for him in 2017. 

Earl stood on Friday in front of a judge, who sentenced him to seven years for one count with a credit of 714 days for time served and five years for another. 

He was also ordered to serve five years for a third count, but will be served concurrently with another count. 

He was also ordered to serve lifetime probation and will be ordered to register as a sex offender. 

The 45-year-old former Seattle Impact owner was found guilty of sexual assault and other charges, including sexual abuse, public sexual indecency, assault and kidnapping, back in August. 

Both assaults Earl was accused of took place at his home near Southern and Val Vista in September and October 2017.

Police documents obtained by 12 News show that on Oct. 22, 2017, the young woman, who was referred to Earl by a friend, went to his home. Police said he invited her into a bedroom.

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The document continues, “Once inside the bedroom, the defendant gave the victim a hug, which she accepted. As the hug continued, the victim asked to leave. The defendant continued his embrace with the victim and purposefully fell unto a bed.”

That's when police said the sexual abuse occurred.

In September of that year, investigators said Earl allegedly sexually assaulted and kidnapped a 21-year-old woman. They said he invited that young woman into a bedroom, as well.

Police documents said, “When she entered the defendant was completely nude and grabbed the victim, pulling her onto his bed. The defendant pinned the victim's arm under his body, preventing her from escaping.”

Police said the sexual assault ensued.

Earl has never been charged with sexual assault before this case, but was accused of it by multiple women in the Seattle area. Those women sued Earl and he was ordered to pay them almost a million dollars in a lawsuit.