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Credit card skimmers found in 2 Anthem gas pumps

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office identified 13 victims of credit card fraud linked with the skimmers and believes there may be more people affected.
An example of a credit card skimmer. These devices would be inside a gas pump or attached to an ATM. (Photo: Kevin Kennedy/12 News)

ANTHEM, Ariz. - At least 13 people's credit card information was stolen with skimmers on gas pumps in Anthem in July, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says. 

The sheriff's office responded to a Circle K gas station near Gavilan Peak Parkway and Daisy Mountain Drive on July 23 after a person reported finding skimmers in two of the gas pumps. 

The man who reported the skimmers said he was called to repair a gas pump because the credit card reader was not working. While working on the pump, he saw wires connecting the card reader had been disconnected and the metal housing surrounding the reader had been damaged. 

The repairman didn't find a skimmer, but the damage was consistent with someone trying to place a skimmer in the pump. So he decided to check out the remaining pumps at the station.

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He found credit card skimmers in pumps 5 and 7 and notified the sheriff's office and Circle K manager of his findings. 

The sheriff's office said there have been 13 reported victims of credit card fraud believed to be connected to the skimmers found at the station. Most of the victims said their cards were used over the first weekend in August, about 11 days after the skimmers were found. 

Detectives said there may be more people affected. If you know anything about the skimmers or would like to report any other suspected fraud, call the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office at 602-876-1011 or 602-876-TIPS (8477).

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