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Could convicted murderer Jodi Arias get a new trial?

Judges are set to hear an appeal in Jodi Arias' murder case on Oct. 17. The hearing will be livestreamed, but Arias will not be present.

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias is appealing her murder conviction in two weeks and there's a possibility she could get a new trial. 

Arias' lawyers claim there was a circus atmosphere inside and outside of the courtroom, an atmosphere that they argue deprived her of a fair trial. 

The judges who will hear the appeal have very specific questions about how the behavior of the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, may have affected the verdict.

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Those questions -- more than a dozen of them -- include whether Arias is entitled to a new trial, how publicity affects the trial and how a judge can control an attorney's conduct. 

Martinez is facing allegations of ethical misconduct in a formal complaint filed by the State Bar of Arizona. He has since been reassigned to deal with auto theft cases. 

Martinez's ethics complaint is unlikely to come up during the hearing since it was filed after the appeal. 

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Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2013 for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in his Mesa home in 2008. She was sentenced to life in prison in 2015. 

Arias appealed the conviction in July 2018. The appeal hearing is scheduled to be held on Oct. 17. It will be livestreamed, but Arias will not be present.