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City data shows the five blocks in Phoenix with the most crime

There's one factor that connects each of the five city blocks in Phoenix with the most crimes reported.

PHOENIX - Every week, the city of Phoenix releases new updated crime statistics broken down by city blocks. 

The 12 News I-Team analyzed statistics from the past three years and located the top five city blocks with the most crimes reported and found one factor that connects all of them.


“It’s sucking up a lot of time from a law enforcement standpoint to spend a good chunk of their shifts at Walmart," Scott Wolfe, an associate professor of criminology at Michigan State University said. 

Wolfe published a study about high crime rates committed at Walmart stores.

“There’s spillover from the surrounding community, where crime was probably already high, and it’s just being concentrated in that Walmart because there’s more opportunity for would-be bad guys to victimize people," Wolfe said.

Nearly 5,000 crimes were reported at the five most dangerous city blocks in the last three years, each of which surround Walmart stores. 

Topping the list is the Walmart near Bell Road and 19th Avenue, with more than 1,100 crimes reported in the last three years.

According to the Phoenix crime data, theft is the leading cause of crime at Walmart stores. Then, drug offenses.

According to Walmart Market Asset Protection Manager Jason Krongaard, Walmart recognizes the thematic issue of crime associated with his stores, which is why the company has invested millions into resources like "Lot Cops" to prevent crime.

The lot cop is equipped with sirens, cameras and speakers, which allows security officers monitoring the stores to communicate with potential criminals from a safe distance. 

“The technology is to a point where you can see things occurring not only in the parking lot but also off property as well passing by on the streets," Krongaard said.

Walmart has put up 10 lot cops in Phoenix and plans to add several more by the end of the year. 

“Collectively across the country we’ve seen where these are placed, the Lot Cops are placed, we’ve seen a decrease in crime that occurs in the parking lot,” Krongaard said.

Don’t miss 12 News at 10 p.m. on Thursday when the I-Team brings you more stand-out crime numbers, this time which neighborhoods have seen an increase in violent crime.

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