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Burglary call turns into life-saving rescue for Scottsdale police officers

Police were responding to what seemed to be a simple crime call at a Scottsdale Pawnshop when things changed quickly.

PHOENIX — A simple call can change in an instant. A burglary call can change from a barricade situation to one needing emergency Narcan care in a matter of minutes.

That was the case on April 16th. 

Scottsdale patrol officers responded to an alarm call at Pawn First located at 3116 N Scottsdale Rd. 

When police arrived, body camera footage shows officers yelling at the two suspects, Travis Stack and Joshua Bess to come out. 

"Every day is a blank slate. You don’t know what you are going to deal with." Andy Anderson a former Phoenix Asst Police Chief said.

According to police, Stack was observed inside the business through the store window and officers quickly established a perimeter. 

Body camera time stamps show a perimeter lasted for around two to three hours. As the suspects hid inside. 

"Nothing is predictable and that’s something they learned early on," Anderson said.

SWAT was called and searched through the premises. 

Cameras to check the ceilings were brought in as K-9s and officers swept the building. The initial sweep didn't find anyone. 

"Imagine how many places an individual can hide in a building like this," Anderson said.

However, the second sweep found the two suspects inside a false wall of the business. 

Police said Bess began to actively fight was taken into custody. Shortly after, Bess became unconscious and officers recognized symptoms of a possible overdose. Officers administered Narcan. Stack was also found unconscious. Officers can be heard yelling for Narcan as an officer carried out CPR on the suspect

Both suspects were transported to a local hospital. They were arrested on the suspicion of Burglary, Theft of Means of Transportation, Aggravated Assault on Officers, and Resisting Arrest.