Police are trying to track down someone who stole a car from a Phoenix woman while she was delivering a pizza in Buckeye.

Brianne Sargent is now missing her only mode of transportation, and income, after a false delivery call.

The man inside the Buckeye home where she knocked on the door said he didn't order the pizza, and by the time she turned around, her car was headed down the street, with her credit cards and cell phone inside.

Later that evening, Sargent saw that new photos were going up on her Google Cloud account from the stolen phone, so she called police again.

She's never seen the two young men in the photos, so she and police wonder if they know anything about the theft.

"The police are saying they're not suspects," Sargent said, "but they're standing in front of my car."

She just wants whoever took her car to drop it off somewhere so she can have it back.

Buckeye police advised delivery drivers to be cautious and bring their keys with them while making deliveries, even if it's a nuisiance.