George Cota has been waiting more than three years for a phone call.

A call from the same Police Department that informed him his daughter had been murdered.

"There's nothing worse than losing your daughter," said Cota.

Patricia Cota, 24, was found in an alley near Thunderbird Road and Luna Street back in January of 2014.

George Cota visits the location every now and then.

"When I go there, it's to let her know I haven't forgotten," said Cota.

The grieving father is now raising his daughter's two little girls.

"It just tears you up inside," said Cota.

Serenity is the oldest daughter, now 8, she asks for her mom everyday.

"I just wish she was here," Serenity said. "I cry at night."

Police have not identified a suspect but Cota believes his daughter's boyfriend is responsible.

"She was getting ready to leave him and a few days later she is dead," said Cota.

Police questioned the boyfriend but no charges were ever filed.

"They (police) just need a little bit more pieces to the puzzle," said Cota.

Silent Witness is offering a $5,000 reward with any information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

You can reach Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (948-6377).