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Documents: Scottsdale man beat woman inside sex 'dungeon,' forced her to sleep in cage

The victim reported being held against her will and assaulted with a bullwhip and other "torture devices" while living in the man's home, according to court paperwork.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A Scottsdale man was arrested last week after he allegedly beat his girlfriend on several occasions in a "BDSM style dungeon" inside his home, according to court paperwork.

Jason Monroe Smith, 48, was booked on charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault. The victim reported to police that she was being held against her will and assaulted with a bullwhip and other "torture devices" while living in his home, according to court paperwork.

Credit: Scottsdale PD
Jason Smith booking photo

According to court paperwork, the victim said she met Smith through a dating app. They began dating and she described their conversations as "normal dating conversations." She was, however, aware that Smith was "interested in an alternative lifestyle."

She described his interest as "50 Shades of Grey, with a twist," documents showed.

12 News spoke with Chris Doran, a local defense attorney representing Jason Smith, who said that the court paperwork does not accurately reflect the victim’s statements and said that they have provided more text messages and victim statements to prosecutors.

“We’ve requested that if the case go forward that they present the full picture,” Doran said. “More specifically, I’ve asked they present all of the evidence…. and Jason and the victim can go back to living their normal lives as much as possible.”

“Their sex lives have been sensationalized and any normal person would not want to talk about their sex lives,” Doran said.

Smith has denied the allegations against him.

The victim, who said her living situation could be considered "homeless," eventually agreed to move in with Smith. According to court documents, when she arrived at the home she was made aware of a "BDSM style dungeon" that Smith had built in the main living area of his home.

According to court paperwork, the victim said the "dungeon" had "various apparatus meant to torture and control individuals."

She told police that for the first few days "nothing was abnormal," but Smith said he was "working on a 'contract' for her." The contract, according to court documents, stated Smith could "use as much force as he wanted against her." The contract also stated the victim would refer to herself as "slave" and Smith would be "master." The victim would also have to sleep in a cage.

The victim told police she was not able to do anything without the "express permission" of Smith. According to court paperwork, she was "forced to not wear clothes while in the home" and was only able to access parts of the house "when and where" Smith allowed her to. She was also not allowed to use any personal electronic devices, the documents showed.

The victim told police she "reluctantly" signed the contract out of fear of "failing" and having no other options of where to go, court documents showed.

According to court paperwork, the victim told police Smith assaulted her between Feb. 2019 and May 6. She said he beat her on "four or more occasions" with "such ferocity" to the point he would throw up or pass out "due to exhaustion." 

On one occasion, according to court paperwork, the victim reported being restrained with metal shackles, whipped with a bullwhip around 50 times and shocked with an electric shock collar that had been placed around her neck. She said during this incident that her wrist had been broken. 

She told police she "was never raped" while living with Smith, according to court paperwork.

According to the court documents, with the help of the daughter of Smith's business partner, the victim was able to escape. She reported her assault to police on May 6. Smith was arrested two days later on May 8.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include a statement from Smith's attorney.