FLORENCE, Ariz. — Thousands of country music fans are camping out down in Florence this weekend for the Country Thunder music festival. People go for the fantastic country music of course, but also for the food, the drinks and let’s be honest — to get wild and crazy.

Believe it or not, fans at the music fest revealed their deep, dark secrets to 12 News.

On drinking

“Oh, probably drank too much,” said Johanna Clem, who is attending the music festival for the first time.

“We had a bunch of Jell-O shots and Fireball,” said Lindsey Lucas, attending for the third year.

“My wife doesn’t let me have a beam and coke until the sun goes down,” said Jack Plett, who’s at Country Thunder for the 22nd year.

“A lot of Coors Light,” said Liz White, another country music fan.

“Mike’s Hard and then I had Moonshine,” said Bailey Defield.

On bad behavior at the stages

“I was a bad girl, snuck backstage when I wasn’t supposed to,” said Ashle Cauthen, attending Country Thunder for the third year.

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Country music fans say nothing is off limits. Some of the craziest things they’ve seen?

“A girl streaking at camp because she lost a bet and she had to run all the way down the road,” said Brown.

But even when you ask country music fans to ignore the camera and pretend like it’s not even there, some sans still won’t confess, because after all — what happens at Country Thunder, stays at Country Thunder.

It’s definitely one big party in Florence. For the most part, everyone behaves, at least that’s according to the festival’s head of security.