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Valley residents and visitors find much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

From the little things, big things, and the people they're sharing the holiday with, those in the Valley shared what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

PHOENIX — It’s a question you may be asking around your Thanksgiving table today: What are you thankful for?

It’s a simple question, but given a moment of pause can bring much reflection on the little and big things in our lives.

Heather Jones, out for a walk with her family Thanksgiving morning, said she was grateful for her home.

“I’m very blessed with all the little things in my house and all the family that comes with it,” Jones said.

It’s been more than a year since Cesar Flores saw his mom and uncle because of the pandemic. They made the trip to the Valley from San Diego for the holiday.

“I’m thankful that they made the trip and I get to spend it with them,” Flores said.

Chris Barry managed to get his whole family together from across the country to the Valley.

He said he was grateful for Southwest Airlines getting them here.

“Allowed me to bring my family here and I’m thankful that there’s no snow in Phoenix and it’s not 32 degrees,” Barry said.

His grandchildren, Matthew and Annaliese, said they are both grateful for their family too.

It’s his teenage kids that Michael Landry is grateful to spend the holiday with.

“They’re my rock in a very tumultuous couple years,” Landry said. “They’re everything.”

Grace Miller, an Arizona State University student, said she’s holding grateful space for her family, who are far away from her this Thanksgiving.

“I miss them a lot, they’re in Washington,” Miller said. “I’m grateful specifically for my sister. She’s my very best friend in the whole wide world.”

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