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Valley fireworks store says sales are booming, fire department warns of dry conditions

Arizona state law allows for the use of some fireworks until January 3rd.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The start of the New Year is just days away but the Scottsdale Fire Department is warning those of you planning to set off your own fireworks at home.

The warning comes as fireworks sales soar as communities scale back on big gatherings.

“A lot people are aiming for their own personal shows with their family and so that has lead to a uptick in our sales," said Shane Paisley of Desert Sky Fireworks. “It’s been amazing we’ve done very good.”

Shane Paisley of Desert Sky Fireworks says the company saw the same increased demand around the Fourth of July after the pandemic halted plans then, too. 

More fireworks projected, though, means more concern from the Scottsdale Fire Department.

“This year in particular we’ve had very low measurable rain out here so the potential is still there for wildfires," said Captain Gary Burns of the Scottsdale Fire Department.

That's why restrictions are in place. 

Legal fireworks sales began on December 10th and can continue until Jan. 3, according to Arizona state law. The window of when you're allowed to shoot fireworks is a little different. That begins Dec. 24 and runs until Jan. 3.

If you're planning on setting any of these off, make sure you're on your own private property. Legal fireworks are items like ground spinners, toy smoke devices and cone fountains. 

Arizona bans public use of anything that is made to rise into the air and explode or fly above the ground, like bottle rockets and roman candles. For a complete list of both legal and illegal fireworks in Arizona, click here

There are a few exceptions to these laws. The sale and use of novelty items like snappers, party poppers and sparklers are allowed any time of the year. 

Different communities have different guidelines.

In Scottsdale, for example, fireworks are not allowed near sensitive desert areas. 

Use of fireworks is prohibited in Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve and Pinnacle Peak Park and all property located within one mile of that land.

Fireworks are also not allowed on publicly-owned property including city parking lots, city parks, public schools and city streets.

“We encourage you to have a hose near by especially with sparklers or anything after you’re done with them to drop them in a bucket of water," Burns said.

“Everything that we sell is what we call safe and sane. It is not gonna blow up your house," Paisley said.

So even though your New Year might look different this year, you can safely add a little sparkle to your celebration.

“Let’s blow 2020 out the door and let’s hope for a wonderful 2021," Paisley said.

The penalty for selling, buying or using fireworks outside the allowed dates in Phoenix is a fine of $1,000. If you use fireworks on preservation land, you will face a Class 1 Misdemeanor with a $1,000 fine.

Manufactured housing standards, regulations, permits, and inspections. Arizona Department of Housing www.housing.az.gov/general-public/manufactured-housing/ (link is external) 602-771-1000 Fire Marshal permitting and inspections, fire codes, fireworks information, certification of fire standard compliant cigarettes, trampoline court certifications, firefighter relief and pension funds, etc.