Halloween is just around the corner. Many are thinking about home decorations, costumes, buying candy, and safety is pushed to the back of their minds. 

You may want to have a scary day—but because of the costumes and decorations, not because of an unfortunate incident.

Well, if you’re a parent who has teens and smaller children or you're a pet owner, there are multiple areas you must cover.

Let’s begin with the pumpkin carving. To avoid cuts or any other accidents, consider gluing eyes, painting them, etc.

Also, consider adding some kind of lighting on your lawns to avoid anybody falling.

Feed the kids a good and healthy meal so they don’t gorge on candy while trick-or-treating.

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• Wear reflective clothing

• Avoid using a mask or take it off to walk from house to house. Masks can reduce visibility.

• Try to use flame-retardant costumes

• Make sure they fit properly to avoid tripping or falling

• Use non-toxic make-up to avoid rashes

• Avoid replica firearms


• Wearing reflective tape or glow-in-the-dark lights and take a flashlight

• Do not go into strangers’ homes

• Look both ways before crossing streets

• Take all candy home to be inspected before eating it

• Avoid home-made snacks

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All the above tips apply, plus these…

• Put your phone down, stay focused on your surroundings

• Never put your drink down at a Halloween party, and if you do, grab a new one

• Keep your phone’s GPS turned on so your parents know where you are

• Don’t go to an unknown house alone

• Don’t vandalize anybody’s home

And don’t forget, you should not let your pets eat chocolate.

Have a safe Halloween!