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Scottsdale PD says thieves can target your holiday trash

Police say porch pirates aren't the only issue when it comes to packages around the holidays. Post-holiday package trash can lead to problems, too.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Are thieves targeting you based on your trash? Police say it's a possibility, especially during this time of year after households are disposing of trash from all of their presents.

“When we’re putting boxes for our high end items out for collection we’re almost unintentionally advertising that we got some great gifts," said officer Aaron Bolin of Scottsdale Police Department.

Scottsdale police have been spreading the word through social media and informing residents that criminals may case neighborhoods looking for remnants of nice holiday gifts.

They recommend breaking down boxes and putting everything inside of a bin. If they are too large, you can take them to a recycling drop-off location.

“We want to really make sure that we’re making it harder for criminals not easier for them to know where all the great stuff might actually be in a neighborhood," Bolin said.

Tristahn Schaub is the president of the Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association. He was unaware of the importance of disposing of all gift boxes.

“I hadn’t heard about that," Schaub said. “Being vigilant is important.”

Schaub's neighborhood organization sends out monthly newsletters. He said this has him thinking about other important items his community may be throwing away, like tax documents. He's considering adding this new warning to the upcoming newsletter.

“Watching out for your neighbors is something we take seriously," Schaub said.

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