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'Second chance to those who are looking for work': How the Desert Dogs are helping others by hauling junk

Desert Dogs launched in 2020 and has currently hired more than 60 veterans and counting.

GLENDALE, Ariz. — When the Desert Dogs head out across Arizona, no job is too small.

They are part of a local company named Desert Veterans whose mission is about more than just completing their daily tasks of remodeling or junk removal. They are also focused on helping each other out along the way.

“We like to give a second chance to those who are looking for work,” said Stevan Cunningham. “We try to give back to our employees and we try to teach our employees to give back to the community too.”

The company is based out of Glendale and Prescott. It’s made of up veterans, former first responders and people who have faced other struggles like addiction in the past.

Once a month, the Desert Dogs host a ‘Hauling for Hope’ event where they give back their time to the community.

In May they were helping Ron Trask to clear off his Black Canyon City property.

“He’s taken the time to help others and give back, so we’re just trying to return the favor to him,” Cunningham said.

Trask is having trouble keeping up with his property and needed some help. Trask is soon undergoing a big life change when he is set to move in with his daughter out of state.

“They’re a Godsend,” said Trask when ask about his thoughts about the Desert Dogs getting the heavy lifting done.

A big life change is something this crew can relate to. Many of them have hit hurdles while transitioning out of military service.

“I like being part of a team, that’s why I was in the military so being part of a good team, good crew, works out,” said veteran Keith Theuret.

Theuret has only held the Desert Dogs’ title for a couple of months, but he shared he’s already had a raise which is keeping him motivated.

“Just gives me more stability in my life, helps me out, helps other people out,” Theuret said.

The group also gets support from each other. That support comes through a steady job and personal relationships they form while many of them make life transitions.

“I grew up with a troubled past, so to join a company who looked past that to give me a chance, to go ahead and give back to the community like we do was just something I couldn’t pass up,” said Benjamin Brown.

The Desert Dogs do just about everything from remodeling, hauling and repairs. The crew said hiring them for jobs also helps them in return to give back.

“It’s not just giving us a shot, but it’s giving the community a shot,” added Brown.

Desert Dogs launched in 2020 and has currently hired more than 60 veterans and counting. They collaborate with the Phoenix and Prescott Valley Veterans Administration, US Vets and the Reveille Foundation.

To learn more about the Desert Dogs you can visit their website, Instagram (@desertdogservices) and Facebook page.

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