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15-year-old Arizona artist searching for perfect family to adopt her

Heather is one of many kids working with Arizona's Children Association to get adopted.

PHOENIX — “I draw a lot. I’m into animating. So, when I grow up, I plan to be an animator,” said 15-year-old Heather.

Heather loves to read too. She is one of over 14,000 kids in Arizona hoping to find that perfect family to adopt her.

“What I want most in a family is their love and attention. I’m not picky,” said Heather.

Katelyn Treichel, youth advocate with Arizona’s Children Association, says the matching process is a two-way process.

“We see if you would be a good fit for the child based on our work with the child and based on what the child is looking for in a family,” said Treichel.

But we really give the child a lot of say so through out the process. Make sure they’re comfortable and happy with the family.”

Treichel encourages families to be open to adopting a teenager like Heather to see if it’s a good fit.

“These are the kiddos that really need that structure. That stability and that love,” said Treichel.

Heather is hopeful she’ll find that forever home.

“When you find that perfect family, you’ll know. They’ll be in your heart and you’ll know,” said Heather. 

“There are kids out there who really need a family and it would be great if you could help in that community.”

Arizona’s Children Association is always looking for adopters, foster parents and mentors. 

If you would like to help, visit https://www.arizonaschildren.org/

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