(WNYT) With more people going gluten free, many congregations offer low gluten hosts for communion, but due to the Vatican's definition of bread, there has to be some trace amounts of wheat in them.

"I think the US government sets a limit on something they call gluten-free completely is under 20 ppm," Father Anthony Barrett, Director of Prayer and Worship for the Albany County Dioceses says. "So it's higher but it's still very low, minute, a tiny, tiny amount."

Father Barrett said there's about 100 parts per million in a low gluten host.

"Which for most and again I stress most people, most Celiac's and others is tolerable. For some of course it isn't," Barrett says.

In order for it to be considered vital matter, Barrett says it has to contain some wheat.

"We want to make sure as with the wine that is genuine wine as our Lord used, and also with the host that is recognizably still wheat host unleavened bread," he says.