ATLANTA -- Is it brilliant marketing? A great idea? Not realistic? The company's new efforts to get families to put down the phone and strike up a conversation is striking up online reaction.

Chick-fil-A has created a family challenge in which customers surrender their cell phones to a cardbox coop, covered with instructions and a promise of a reward.

The rules are:

1. Turn all family cell phones to silent and place in this cell phone coop

2. Enjoy your Chick-fil-A meal and each other distraction free!

3. After the meal, let Chick-fil-A know that your family has successfully completed the challenge and each of you will receive a small Icedream cone.

11 Alive's Chris Holcomb posted a photo of the coop on his Facebook page and had a huge response with most commenting that it was a great idea.

One viewer said he already does this when he's out to dinner with family or friends, that everyone has to place their phones in the center of the table and whoever checks theirs first, pays the bill. Others wrote that they already have this rule at home.

The challenge, rolled out a few hundred of Chick-fil-A's stores so far, is proving to be pretty popular.

It's conversation and a cone. What's not to like?