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Born with their tuxes on: Tennessee Aquarium welcomes two healthy, fluffy penguin chicks

Adorable! The chicks finished their hours-long pipping effort and hatched strong and vocal.

The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga has welcomed two new baby penguin chicks into the world!

One Gentoo Penguin and one Macaroni Penguin hatched into the colony at Penguins' Rock.

Since its opening in 2007, the exhibit has welcomed 22 chicks -- five Macaronis and 17 Gentoos.

Both adorable balls of fluff are doing well, and the aquarium said they hatched out of the egg strong and vocal.

“They are right within the weight range they should be and are doing well,” Senior Aviculturist Loribeth Lee said. “Growth will slow down, obviously, but their gains have been impressive.”

The chicks' genders are unknown at the moment. The aquarium will send a drop of the chicks' blood to a lab for DNA testing during their next physical, and should know once they DNA report is available.

There will be voting contest to decide their names on the Tennessee Aquarium's Facebook page eventually. 

Introducing the newest members of the Penguins' Rock colony! One fluffy Macaroni and one adorable Gentoo hatched within hours of each other early last month. Since then, our animal care team has been...

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