PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department released video Thursday of a shootout with a murder suspect near 37th Avenue and McDowell Road in May.

Francis Clark was shot and killed after opening fire on two Phoenix Police officers who were investigating a report of shots fired. Those shots, police later said, were from Clark shooting and killing his girlfriend, Mercy Cordova.

The video shows the officers, who have not been named, searching for the correct apartment. Clark quickly steps out from behind an SUV and opens fire on them, hitting one officer under his left arm, and striking the other in the abdomen. That officer was protected by his ballistic vest, police said.

The video shows the officers returning fire, using the SUV as cover while Clark tries to run up a set of stairs in the apartment complex. He is hit and killed near the top of those stairs.

Other officers surrounded the apartment complex and took the two officers involved in the incident to get medical treatment.

"I gotta tell my wife I'm OK," one is heard saying as he's being led away.