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Artist with Down Syndrome flourishes in Mesa

Mesa artist Jennifer White is thriving through painting.

MESA, Ariz. — When Jennifer White combines her love of animals and painting, magic happens. She has been painting since high school, and her mom, Margaret White, says one of her teachers just took her under his wing. 

Still taking classes today, the 49-year-old who has Down Syndrome, says painting gives her an outlet. Focusing on the art was especially helpful when she was younger. 

"It's not that easy growing up," Jennifer said. "Because it's kind of different when you're a 'Down's person.'"

Even though childhood was tough at times, the struggles didn't stop her from creating an impressive collection of unique paintings. 

"I came up with the thought and the vision and then I draw it," Jennifer said. She even started her own business called Jenny's Art

"She's only been marketing it for the last 10-12 years," Jenny's mom said.

"I usually say $2 for single cards, because they have prices on each one of them," Jenny said.

Jenny has created too many pieces to count over the last few decades. She sells on her website and at local shows.

"It's a good idea to get promoted that way," Jenny said. 

To Jenny and her mom, her art is worth much more than dollar signs. 

"It's really important for the parents to see that older children with Down Syndrome can really accomplish things and then they figure their child really can do something," Margaret said. 

Like Jenny finds the joy in her favorite Santa piece she painted, she wants anyone with special needs to know they can surpass their goals and expectations, making magic of their own. 

"It's just from your heart to do a paint," Jenny said.