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Army veteran lives out her dream of skydiving

Charlotte Galloway spent her career in the Army as a supply clerk but admits her dream was always to be an airborne soldier. On Thursday, she lived out her dream.

A retired Army Veteran was able to live out her life-long dream of jumping out of an airplane Thursday morning, thanks to her assisted living community, Mariposa Point at Algodón Center in Phoenix, and Skydive Buckeye.

Mariposa Point's "Livin the Dream" program helped 57-year-old Charlotte Galloway cross that dream off her bucket list.

Why go up in an airplane and jump out?

For retired Army supply clerk Charlotte Galloway, Thursday was a long time coming. Was she scared? Sure. 

“The biggest fear is my chute won’t open,” said Galloway.

But Galloway says she has faith everything’s going to go as planned. 

"The great thing is my heart is good with God, so if I go out that way, it’s fine. If I make it on the ground, it’s fine,” she said with a smile.

Charlotte wanted always dreamed of getting her wings in the military, but something got in the way. 

“I always wanted to jump out of a plane. I wanted to go airborne until I learned how much they run, so I said, 'I ain’t going nowhere,'” said Galloway  

As she makes the short walk to the plane that will take her up 10,500 feet, she knows there’s no turning back.

But Charlotte didn’t come alone. Her activities director Jaynette Espinola is jumping right by her side. And her good friends from Mariposa are there as well. Charlotte’s best friend Trudy Lachapelle was there cheering her on. 

“We said, 'What?' Then we said, 'We’re with you,'” said Lachapelle. 

And as she jumped out of the plane, an incredible view and an amazing accomplishment come together at once. 

“Wow, this is incredible,” said Galloway as she traveled 100 mph towards the Valley floor. SkyDive Buckeye owner Shane Seydel kept a tight grip. 

It was a perfect landing on a perfect day for a lifelong dream that couldn’t have ended any better.

“She was great. She really nailed it. Once you get past the nerves, the best part is the jump,” said Seydel. 

Would she do it again? 

“Oh yeah for sure,” said Galloway. “I can finally cross this off my bucket list."

Shane Seydel says the best part of owning Skydive Buckeye is seeing dreams come true. 

“It’s just great. Every time we get to have an impact on people’s lives it makes it all worth it. It’s so much fun,” said Seydel. 

If you’d like to jump out of a plane it’s surprisingly easy. You’ll sign some paperwork, go through a short briefing then hit the air. The cost of a skydive is $170.

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