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Arizona's Children Association looking for adoptive parents, foster parents and mentors

"The kids are awesome and they deserve our utmost like efforts to help them find homes," said Jasmine Johnson.

PHOENIX — According to the Arizona Department of Children Safety, there are over 19,000 kids in the foster care system.

Arizona’s Children Association, one of the largest nonprofits in the state, helps those kids find homes or get them the resources they need.

"What I want most in a family is their love and their attention," said 15-year-old Heather, who is waiting for her forever home. Arizona's Children Association is helping her find that perfect match.

"I feel adoption is so much. I feel like it is something that is really exciting and really heavy at the same time but being able to handle both, right," said Jasmine Johnson, the kinship navigator for Arizona’s Children Association. "They're have kind of a relief. Knowing like, 'Yes, I'm staying here forever. You're going to be a positive caregiver for life.'"

"There are kids out there that really need a family and it would be great if you could help in that community," said Heather. Who wants to be an animator someday.

Whether you adopt or foster a child, there is training to help along the way.

Ryan and Megan McKenzie have fostered 15 kids over the years.

"My most rewarding experience have been the kids who have gotten to go back to their families. Most particularly their parents. It's really cool to see that get put back together," said Megan McKenzie.

If parenting is not in the cards, you can always mentor.

"Sometimes a young person has never gotten to experience doing fun things in the community like hiking or going out to a local restaurant they've always wanted to try and a mentor is a great person to introduce them to all of the fun things to do in the community," said Kelsey Shores. Program administrator for Arizona’s Children Association.

"The kids are awesome and they deserve our utmost like efforts to help them find homes," said Johnson.

For more information on how you can help, visit the organization website.

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