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Arizona state fairgrounds to open again for drive-thru festivities

After a successful drive-thru fair in the fall, the grounds are reopening for two more weekends in December.

ARIZONA, USA — The chance to feed your cravings for fan favorite comfort food from the Arizona State Fair is circling back around just in time for the holidays. 

The mouthwatering menu is sure to please, even if it means no prizes and no running rides due to COVID-19 concerns.

The state fair brought its drive-thru goodies to the Valley in the fall and the event was a hit, so much so that state fair spokeswoman Brianda Martinez says it's time to bring it back before 2020 is over.

"You have your deep fried pecan pie, deep fried pumpkin pie, funnel cakes with a Grinch themed M&M cake and a ginger bread with caramel funnel cake," Martinez said.

Now, it's time to pack the car with hungry passengers for another merry go round with a holiday twist because let's face it, the love for deep fried everything, runs deep.

"We're just so excited to try it out and see what people think," she added.

Visitors will get an eye full and a belly full without having to forfeit too much time or get out of their vehicles.

"We promise you it'll be fast it'll be safe in your car, there will be bright lights, the fairgrounds will be decorated and very festive," Martinez said.

Plus, we're all missing a little comfort and joy this time of year, so whether it's turkey legs, funnel cakes or fry bread, it'll all be back soon!

"Bring the family, enjoy the food, enjoy the lights, the beautiful weather and have a great time this holiday!" Martinez said.

For dates and times, check the fair website

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