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Arizona introduces mobile ID app

This is being advertised as having a lot of benefits, including convenience and better identity theft protection.

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Transportation is rolling out mobile IDs which will allow you to prove your identity from a single device.

This is being advertised as having a lot of benefits, including convenience and better identity theft protection. 

It's the AZ Mobile ID app, and it puts an Arizona driver's license on your phone,” said Doug Pacey with the Arizona Department of Transportation. “So, if you have an Arizona driver's license or a state ID card issued from Arizona, you can have your driver's license on your phone.” 

To get the new Mobile ID, you need to follow these five steps:

  • First, download the app.
  • Second, register a phone number.
  • Third, scan your ID. Fourth, take a selfie.
  • Finally, set up app security and you're done.

“Using Mobile ID is entirely voluntary and optional. You do not have to use it if you are comfortable using a physical card...keep doing that.” Pacey said. 

“MVD, we're still going to continue to issue the physical, plastic driver's license. Those aren't going away any time soon.” 

But if you do use it, you won't have to hand over your state ID in some instances. A barcode can just be scanned instead. 

All this is supposed to help combat identity theft. The only way to access the mobile ID is through a face or fingerprint scan or a pin you have set up. So, fewer worries if you lose your device or wallet. Plus, you will actually have more privacy in some day-to-day transactions. 

“You can show them your mobile ID app, and it will say ‘you’re 21.’ And it will show you’re 21,” Pacey said. 

“It will have your name and your face. But it won't have your birthday, or your address, or your height and weight.” Pacey said. “It allows you to keep control of some of those private things that aren't necessary for that transaction.” 

The information is only stored at the Motor Vehicle Department and, of course, on your phone, according to Pace. 

To be clear, don't chuck your physical, plastic IDs just yet. All locations aren't prepared to accept these proposed electronic IDs or other states for that matter. And don't forget, your phone could also run out of battery.

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