PHOENIX — Asking someone to be your prom date can be a daunting experience. Nerves are running. Palms sweating and the fear of rejection looms.

So, when Dash McDonald wanted to ask his friend Ellie to the prom. He took the proposal to new heights. Literally.              

He jumped out of an airplane in a formal suit.

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“It was cold and the instructor warned me that jumping with a suit would be a lot colder and it took me by surprise when I jumped out. It was surreal moment and it was incredible,” said Dash McDonald. A senior at Arcadia High School.

Being a videographer, it was only natural for McDonald to make a video production out of the experience.  After all, he helped edit the 2017 viral promposal video to Oscar winner Emma Stone. Created by Arcadia High School. The actress turned down the offer.

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Big promposal videos has been a trend among teens the past few years. So, McDonald wanted to continue the tradition.

“I texted a few buddies and I was like, ‘You know how to run a camera, right?’ Kind of told them, 'Hey, can you get a shot of me doing this,’ etc.,” said McDonald.

After the project was completed. He showed the promposal video to his friend Ellie and she said "yes."

“She had no idea that I would be asking it this way at all,” said McDonald.

But wait, there's more. His viral video is more than just a promproposal.

It has a message for his peers.

“There's this idea that promposals have to be big and extravagant. I think a big part of that is people's fear of rejection. My whole take on it was 'What if you face your fears before you prompose,' said McDonald. “Trying something you wouldn't normally do is super important to growing as a human being,”

A leap of faith that has helped the high school senior blossom.

“Just looking forward. I'm going to make sure if I have something I'm afraid of, I make it happen,” said McDonald,