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5 things to read: light rail vote confusion, drive-through ban and create your own universe

Links to important and interesting stories around the web.

A look at five of the important and interesting stories around the web on Tuesday. 

This list is curated by 12 News Assignment Editor Eric Watson.

Phoenix's light rail vote threatens to stop the lines in their tracks 

A yes vote is a no vote and a no vote is a yes vote. Will confusion win the day?

President Trump overhauling enforcement of Endangered Species Act 

Profits over protection.

After Newtown, Pulse, Vegas caused little change, gun-control advocates hope latest shootings push significant gun laws 

So many shootings… so little change.

Supercomputer creates millions of virtual universes 

I wonder which one we live in.

Minneapolis becomes the first major American city to ban new drive-through windows 

Here in my car… I feel safest of all.