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20 years after columbine, Gov Ducey pushes for school safety but change is slow

Governor Ducey made his school safety plan a priority in the state of the state, but it has not seen movement thus far in the legislature.

“We’ve got a responsibility to do something for our kids and we got to do it this session” Governor Doug Ducey in January's state of the state. 

The governor once again deciding to push his School safety plan. Ducey first proposed the plan last year after the shooting in Parkland Florida sparked protests and marches around the country. 

Ducey's plan included more money for counselor, resource officers and allowing judges to issue Stop orders, to prevent some who could potentially be dangerous from getting guns. 

The counselor proposal is popular with those like March for our Lives Arizona, which say they believe the solution to a recent rash of mass shootings is mental health-focused. 

"The ratio is about 1 to 900 and the recommended ratio is 1 to 250."  Catherine Broski, a member with Arizona March for Our Lives said. 

Governor Ducey's plan also calls for the hiring of more School Resource Officers. 

"Schools are not meant to be these places with guns and metal detectors and all of the huge police presence," Broski said. 

Despite the state of the state speech in January Governor Ducey's school safety plan has made no major steps in the state legislature. 

"Everything in the legislature is moving but slower than we would like it.." Governor Doud Ducey said last week to 12 News. 

However when asked by a reporter:

"Speaker (of the House) Bower and (Senate) president Fann told me yesterday that they have not heard anything from the 9th floor since the state of the state about this school safety plan so is that a sign it isn’t moving forward?" 

Ducey responded, "Our staffs are working closely."

Governor Ducey could get more Resource officers and School counselor through the budgeting process, however, that is up, in part, to state lawmakers.