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2 hikers rescued after getting lost in Pinal County, sheltering overnight in frigid temperatures

The hikers got lost while hiking Picketpost Mountain, leading them to spend the night under trees for shelter in 45-degree weather.

SUPERIOR, Ariz. — The Pinal County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Posse saved two hikers on Sunday who had gotten lost on Picketpost Mountain the day before. 

On Saturday, two hikers found themselves lost on the trail, taking shelter under trees as the nighttime temperatures fell to 45 degrees. 

In the morning, it began raining. The SAR Posse made their way by helicopter to save the pair. 

According to members of the SAR team, both hikers had begun feeling the effect of the elements by the time they were rescued. 

A volunteer with the SAR Posse captured the rescue. 

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