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One-on-one with Donald Trump Jr.

After yet another Arizona campaign stop, The president's son talked to 12 News about Arizona, the lack of unity and COVID-19.

MESA, Ariz. — Donald Trump Jr. made his latest campaign stop in Arizona on Thursday. 

He first made the trip up to Williams before heading to Mesa for a rally with members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. 

After a rally spent attacking his father's opponent Joe Biden and bragging on the accomplishments of the president, Donald Trump Jr. talked one-on-one for around five minutes with 12 News, focusing on Arizona. 

(Some of the interview has been adjusted for brevity and clarity)

Question: What central role does Arizona play? 

Trump Jr.: It's just a critical swing state at this point right? It's no longer a solid red state and hasn't been the case for a while and we have to defend it. It's so important for us to get on the ground with people. We don't have the benefit of a mainstream media that will campaign for us. We see what's going on in social media where they censor anything that could be damaging for Biden and that campaign. We actually have to be on the ground to speak directly to the people. We can't hide in the basement for weeks on end and come out every couple of days. We don't have that luxury. So it's great to be back. The enthusiasm we saw, that you saw, is very palpable. It's just awesome to be able to do it. I also have fun doing it because it is great to see people who truly believe what we are doing and what my father is doing for them.

Question: In 2018, what decided that senate race that Senator McSally was in? What decided that election was the person who voted for Senator Sinema and Governor Doug Ducey? Those are often the types of voters that don't show up for rallies on either side, how do you reach those voters? 

Trump Jr.: I think we have done pretty well with that generally speaking. Whether it is here or other places like North Carolina. It's where they will vote for Donald Trump and then go straight ticket the other side. They understand that President Trump is not a politician. They see what he has delivered, they see the results. They see he is pulling us out of endless wars, he's getting peace deals done in the middle east, he built the strongest economy America has ever known. He instituted prison reform and the first step act. He created the most number of new start-up businesses with the lowest unemployment numbers in US history. He did that with no experience and more importantly, he did it under more attack than any president has ever taken. 

Joe Biden has been talking about doing all these things for half a century. But I bet your average voter can't name a single Joe Biden accomplishment. And if you can't, why would you give him the presidency. 

Question: A recent NBC/WSJ poll shows the president behind. A lot of those middle voters say they believe Joe Biden can better job of unifying the country. What do you see those voters who want to see more unity? 

Trump Jr: I think we can do that. We are creating peace deals in the Middle East, we are able to unify. What we need is democrats willing to work with us. Not that will attack, push in on investigations, refuse to investigate the Obama administration. 

Question: (interjects) But what can you do? 

Trump Jr.: Well I think also economically building those things up. Listen Biden made a lot of promises. Joe Biden said he would fix racial relations forever but why didn't he do it? He had eight years as the Vice President of the first African American president but he didn't do it. Joe Biden has flipped flopped on every decision he ever made. 

Question (interjects): But how do you change the conversation? Because there is a perception, right or wrong, that you all can be divisive. 

Trump Jr: I think you grow America. You have to fight and grow America, you have to get America back to work. The guy that built the strongest economy America has ever known is the guy who can do that again. I think with that rising tide it floats all ships and I think that goes a long way.

Question: When it comes to COVID-19, we saw 1,000 cases since the first time in early September. We are seeing record-breaking numbers across the country. What is the actual plan to get through this thing? 

Trump Jr: Therapeutics seems to be working great. My dad is a 74-year-old guy, he's one of those people they say would be at risk but he was out of there in two days and was willing to try to do them himself. That seems to work, that's what he is pushing. You have operation warp-speed that my father did. Cut all the red tape, cut all the nonsense to come up with a vaccine. Got to be finalized with the doctors obviously. Mobilized the public-private partnership aspect of things to get things done. I think we have come to the realization that you can be responsible. If you are at risk take those extra precautions obviously. But if you are not you can go on living your life. You don't have to shut down. The Democrat plan is to shut down the whole country... that would do more damage than anything. 

We are trying to get people to exercise caution where they need to, take reasonable precautions, we hand out PPE at events like this. You know wash your hands, but you don't have to destroy your life. The democratic answer to shut everything down forever, that also doesn't work. 

Question: What's your message to the undecided voter? 

Trump Jr: Look at the level of accomplishment, look at what President Trump has delivered for America. Whether it be prison reform, opportunity zones peace in the Middle East, being done with endless wars, taking on the establishment to do that, the strongest economy America has ever seen, the highest number of start-up businesses. Name one Joe Biden accomplishment, if you can't, that's part of the problem.