Pull up to Sonic for lunch or dinner Wednesday, where America's Drive-In is offering its famous corn dogs for just 50 cents all day.

Here are some fun facts:

1. The corn dog was invented by Stanley S. Jenkins of Buffalo, New York and patented in 1927.

2. Mustard is the preferred condiment on corn dogs.

3. Corn dogs have their own day: March 19.

4. Corn dogs may be an American staple, but there are variations that incorporate other cuisines, too.

5. Want a breakfast version of a corn dog? Apparently that exists.

You can skip the line and order your corn dogs ahead of arriving using the Sonic app. And by using the app, you can cash in on a number of exclusives on drinks, slushes, shakes and more if you order ahead.

We also would like to apologize in advance to all Sonic workers who aren't as excited about Wednesday's deal.