GREENSBORO, N.C. — The  Rock & Play Sleeper responsible for several infant deaths. The product has been recalled. But that same sleeper has started popping up at day cares across the country.And they may not even know they're recalled

The first recall went out back on April 12th. Fisher price recalled 5 million sleepers
That lead to another 700 thousand being recalled.

And for good reason. Consumer Reports is aware of at least 53 infant deaths linked to inclined sleepers.  The problem is there's no established way to directly notify day care centers about these recalls.

There's not even an established process to let health departments know about these kinds of recalls. They have to find out on their own.

In fact Consumer Reports says according to a survey released by consumer advocacy groups out of the 376 facilities they surveyed this summer – 1 in 10 was still using one of the recalled sleepers.

2WTK checked with the State Department of Health and Human Services.
They said in a statement, "Child care facilities and homes must adhere to the safety requirements and they are responsible for providing a safe environment, but checking on recalled items is not a specific requirement for inspections."

Bottom line, you need to ask any potential day care center how they plan to handle recalls and see if they’re actively looking for recalled items.