Whether it's the sand and surf or cool mountain air, vacation can never come soon enough. But before you hit the road or take that plane flight, MSN says this is what you should be doing at home.

• Tidy up the house. Clear the refrigerator of anything that'll spoil, take out the trash and do laundry. No one wants to come home to a messy house.

• Pay your bills before you leave. This way you won't forget about them and get stuck with late fees.

• Tell your bank you're headed out of town, so they know not to put a fraud alert on your account, making your debit or credit card temporarily inactive.

• To save some money, adjust your thermostat. There's no point in cooling an empty home. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends you set the A/C to 85 degrees.

• Keep your home safe by making it look like you're not away. Put your lights and TV on a timer to give the impression someone's home. If you have spare keys hidden around the yard, pick them up.

This way your home will stay safe and you can save money while you're off having fun.

For more tips, check out MSN.