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BUY IT NOW: $35 off a heavy-duty 40-foot extension cord system with free shipping

Think of it as a power bar, meets surge protector, meets extension cord, meets heavy-duty power station. Just in time for the spring home improvement season, I have some heavy-duty savings to share.

How often do you need to power several items at the same time — from tools to household vacuums to holiday lights? We often overload our circuit boards and rely upon unsafe extension cords to power our household needs.

The heavy-duty extension cord reel I found at almost half price today has four grounded integrated outlets with over-power protection. I did not realize how much I would benefit from this product until my basement flooded.

Following a wind/rain storm and a waterproofing defect on our roof, I ended up with almost a foot of water in parts of my basement.

The restoration company for my house brought fans, hoses and humidifiers and upon initial set-up, there was so much power consumption, our circuits were over-loaded and the lights/heat were getting knocked out every few minutes.

The first time I plugged in today's deal, I was able to go beyond the limitations of a power outlet in the wall and escape the maze of unsafe extension cords the restoration company had set up. Thanks to surge protection, a phenomenal cord management system and four new over-load guarded outlets, my basement is drying out safely and at a faster pace.

Click the play button to see this product at work in my basement. 

Features of this heavy-duty 120-volt 40-foot extension cord with reel include

  • Four surge protected and overload protected outlets
  • Rated for 12 amps
  • Cable length: 40 feet
  • Four three-prong American-style sockets
  • LED power indicator and switch
  • Ideal for commercial or residential use
  • Perfect for workshops, power tool use, vacuums and Christmas lights
  • High-visibility cord
  • cETL-approved

BUY IT NOW: $35 off a heavy-duty 40-foot extension cord system with free shipping
Was: $79.99
Now: $44.99


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