PHOENIX - A new study shows about 30 percent of credit card holders aren't claiming the rewards they've been earning on their purchases.

“We found that three out of 10 cardholders never redeemed their rewards, which is quite surprising considering the rewards out there,” said Robin Saks Frankel from

Cardholders typically gravitate to one extreme or the other, redeeming their rewards points or miles frequently or not at all.

“If you’re not using a rewards card that makes the most sense for you, you might want to look into getting a different kind of card," Frankel said. "I would recommend a card that’s in alignment with your spending habits."

Among those cashing in on their rewards, the most popular option was cash back. Airline tickets were a distant second. Analysts say your best move is to cash in on your rewards on a regular basis.

Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRA) conducted the survey.