CHANDLER, Ariz. - Call 12 For Action has an alert about a company that claims to help you sell your used car, but is riddled with complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.

John Goux encountered the company, Once Driven, after he tried to sell his 2014 MINI Cooper Countryman S earlier this year. He'd posted ads for the sporty all-wheel drive car on Craigslist, Autotrader and more.

“It just wasn't quite selling quick enough,” Goux told 12 News.

Then one day back in September, Goux received an unsolicited call from Once Driven.

For $189, Once Driven promises to help you sell your car with its website. And if you sell it on your own, Once Driven says it'll refund most of your money.

“My typical thought would be if I get a solicitor call from somebody, would be -- go to my computer, look it up and whatnot. But it sounded legitimate,” Goux said.

Goux told 12 News the sales person kept in touch for a few days. Then the cold caller went cold and refused to answer his calls and e-mails. A week later Goux sold the MINI Cooper on his own and asked for a refund. When Goux didn't get it, he got in touch with Call 12 For Action.

That's when we found John's MINI Cooper still listed on the company's website weeks after he told them he sold it. It's also when John received a voicemail from Once Driven saying they were still trying sell the MINI.

All the while, Goux finally did what he admits he should've done in the first place.

“I got online and I saw the Better Business Bureau had 60 some odd complaints against them,” Goux said.

In October, the Better Business Bureau page for Once Driven had 192 complaints and 62 reviews -- all negative -- and most sounded a lot like Goux's.

“It should definitely be a red flag if you see a pattern of complaints or negative reviews for a business,” said Myriam Cruz, Community Relations Director with the Better Business Bureau in Phoenix.

“Hindsight is definitely 20/20,” Goux said. “Always do your due diligence, especially when it comes to being out in the open marketplace where people can get access to your phone number or your e-mail.”

Call 12 For Action has reached out to Once Driven numerous times to ask about John Goux's case and his refund and has gotten a response from the company. Call 12 For Action will continue to try to get Goux his refund.

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