That bad habit of bringing a smartphone to the dinner table is certainly a generational problem. But not just for the generation you're probably thinking about.

It turns out, baby boomers are just as obsessed with their smartphones as millennials. The older generation now spends two and a half hours on their phones every day, on average.

"That's pretty close to millennials -- at 171 minutes a day," said technology expert Andrea Smith.

According to a T-Mobile survey, baby boomers aren't just looking at content online. They're posting, too.

"In fact, they're 19 percent more likely to share content on Facebook, than any other generation," Smith said.

She also said it's not surprising baby boomers are just as enamored with all of the technology. Boomers, after all, are the ones who invented the devices.

And it's not just parents who've grown to love smartphones and social media.

"Grandparents are using them to FacetTme and video chat with their grandchildren,” Smith said. “It keeps them feeling like they're part of their family's lives."