TEMPE, Ariz. – Axes. Beer. Targets. What could go wrong?

There is a new concept in the Valley getting ready to open its doors where you can play in axe tournaments. Yes, axe-throwing tournaments.

It's the perfect outing for a date night, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party or corporate event.

"It's like darts but with axes," said Corey Deasy, owner of Lumberjaxes in Tempe.

Deasy opened his first Lumberjaxes in Pittsburgh four months ago. The business did so well he decided to open a second location here in the Valley.

"When you think about throwing axes," he said, "you think it might be a little dangerous, but we really key in on safety. We teach the proper throwing technique, we give you all the safety tips and we give you an axe-throwing instructor.

I gave the axe-throwing a shot.

Corey taught the basics: how to hold, swing and let go of the axe.

The throw itself was easy, but figuring out how far I should stand from the target took a few trials.

Once you stick the throw, you keep score. Any and all ages are welcome to try. Deasy's 8-months-regnant wife tried the game and almost won an entire tournament.

Two and a half hours of training and play costs $35.

You can also bring your own beer.

"We are a BYOB establishment," Deasy said, "but with no hard liquor. You want to have a beer, it's one drink per hour. We monitor that, we have the axe-throwing instructor with you the whole time to make sure you are acting in a safe manner."

If you want to give it a whirl, Lumberjaxes is in Tempe near 48th Street and Southern Avenue: 3109 S Fair Ln, Tempe, AZ 85282.

You can book reservations here: http://axethrowingphx.com/bookaxethrowing. The shop will open around Valentine's Day.