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CBD sales soar amid coronavirus pandemic

"It's a calming feeling in terms of anxiety it certainly helps very well," John Vukovich, Co-founder of Amourcbd said.

PHOENIX — For several weeks we've been ordered to stay at home in an effort to stay safe during this pandemic. 

However, as tensions start to run high, people are hunting for ways to relax and remain calm and as a result, CBD product sales are soaring. The new norm can be overwhelming for people experiencing unemployment or playing a new role in their day to day lives, now, some are looking to CBD products during this isolation period.

John Vukovich, Co-founder of Amourcbd says with so much uncertainty, people are looking for ways to sidestep stress.

"They help with anxiety, stress and sleep and people seem to be gravitating toward solutions for any of those things," he said. "We've never been in this place before when you see everything that is being effected, schools closed, to everyone not working, to unemployment the anxiety level is the highest it's ever been."

He says, the CBD items are 100 percent THC free, so while there are no psycho-active triggers in these products, the purpose is posing a bit of an escape.

"It's a calming feeling in terms of anxiety it certainly helps very well, that produces a lot of anxiety when you don't get proper sleep," he added.

Vukovich and other reps want to be clear, this is not a cure for COVID-19, simply a way for some to find a source of stability.

"We have gummies, we have soft gels and we have tincture it's about personal preference, they all work very well with the cannabinoid system that we have in our bodies," he added.

He credits the increase in CBD sales to a sign of just how stressed out many people are and with anxiety running high, he says this is safe.

"There's no side effects, there's no drag on you, so I think those are important components of the products," Vukovich said.

The Nation's lockdown is weighing heavy on households, as we all learn to constantly live in close quarters with our loved ones but all that quality time can test people's patience.

"People are working crazy hours to support and help the stuff in this rigorous situation, provide them some products to help them with their stress and sleep," he said.


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