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Porch Pirates on the prowl? Here are the steps to take if your Amazon package is stolen

You're not entirely out of luck. We have some tips on what to do if an Amazon package has been taken from your porch.

ARIZONA, USA — PHOENIX - Stolen Amazon packages in the Arizona area are a regular occurrence with Prime Day coming up on Jul. 12. 

With the biggest day for Amazon deals coming up, 'porch piracy' will be a concern again. 

According to American District Telegraph (ADT), more than 43% of packages were reported stolen by customers. Out of these customers, two-thirds of them shared that a package has been stolen from them more than once. If your package is stolen, there is a protocol for you to follow with Amazon.

Missing or Stolen Amazon Package

Amazon has an option for you to receive updates about your package through texts messaging or emails. If a package goes missing, check your address to see if it is correct. Through email, you will get notified if an attempted package delivery took place. 

If you have tried these steps and still cannot find your package on your door step, check your mailbox. If a package is still missing after 48 hours, notify Amazon directly. There will be an investigation that takes place.

If a package is labeled 'delivered,' visit Amazon.com to see more details about what to do if your package goes missing.

Alternative Delivery Options for Packages 

For customer who are still hesitant about their package being left one the porch, there are different ways for packages to be delivered to you. 

Amazon Package Pickup (Locker and Counter)

  • For customers looking to pick up their order, Amazon offers a network of convenient and secure pickup and return locations with the same shipping speeds and price as doorstep delivery, on qualifying items.
  • Package pickup is an alternative delivery option for the tens of millions of items sold on Amazon. During checkout, customers select the Amazon Locker or Counter location most convenient to them, whether that’s at an Amazon or partner location. Once the package arrives, customers will receive an e-mail notification with the information needed to retrieve their package when they’re onsite.
  • Customers have the choice between self-service Locker locations or associate staffed Counters.
  • Package pickup is secure and private. No more worrying about privacy or security when it comes to packages. Customers will always know it’s ready to be picked up on their schedule, stress-free.

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What to do now that your package was stolen

Before taking the next steps into action, make sure to check everywhere. 

Steps to take if your package is stolen: 

  • Search everywhere. Look behind objects, talk with your neighbors, your apartment complex, and previous addresses for your package. 
  • Locate the tracking number. Search the tracking to make sure for certain the package is labeled as delivered and where the delivery was left. Amazon deliveries have pictures to show where the package was left. 
  • Contact customer service. File a report or claim when you reach out to the online retailer. 
  • Contact the shipping carrier. They can be helpful in times like this. 
  • File a police report. Call the non-emergency line and give as much as details as possible, including photos or videos from a security camera.

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