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Here are some tips to help you get a job during the COVID-19 pandemic

Here are five tips up front to help you stand out and cash in on the job you've been working for.

PHOENIX — Many Arizonans continue to search for jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a recent survey from PeopleScout found that 68% of hiring managers say they're having a hard time finding qualified candidates for their open positions.

So how can Arizonans in need of jobs better connect with the employers who need their positions filled?

The Today in AZ team set out to learn what it takes to get back into the workforce during a pandemic. 

Jessica Pierce, the founder and CEO of Career Connector, gave five tips to help you stand out and cash in.

  • Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for
  • State your true accomplishments clearly
  • Network like crazy, including virtually
  • Apply directly on the employer’s website
  • Foster your brand online

"I love LinkedIn, because you control everything on your LinkedIn profile,” said Pierce. “You have all of your accomplishments. You have everything about you posted there.” 

According to Pierce, as working remotely becomes increasingly popular, it’s an absolute must to show your ability to operate independently. 

“Instead of just saying, ‘I was responsible for something,’ tell us what you did with that responsibility. That shows your independence,” she said.

Also be sure to share technological platforms you are comfortable navigating. 

Speaking of technology, Zoom interviews are a real possibility. 

That is something that Joey Richardson, who was recently laid off, knows all too well. She’s been interviewing digitally to be a director of team projects. 

“Zoom isn’t my ideal because I’m a people person,” she said. “But it absolutely has worked and been a great venue for what we needed to do.” 

Richardson, who has picked up a couple side hustles, advised prospective job applicants to stay positive because the job hunt is a lot like a roller coaster ride. 

“Going up it’s exciting. And then I'm interviewing, and I’m in the top two. And then...I don’t get it...then you kind of crash,” she said. 



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