PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. - Mandalay Homes has announced the construction of a brand-new housing development in Prescott Valley that will run on solar and clean energy storage. This new development, called Jasper, is set for a grand opening in late summer 2018.

Geoff Ferrell, the chief technology officer for Mandalay Homes, said the goal in building Jasper is to “contain all the amenities buyers have come to know and expect in a high-quality community, but it will be done in Jasper in an energy-neutral, resource-conserving mind set.”

According to Mandalay Homes’ website, Jasper will be the first housing development of its kind in the nation. Some of its features include solar power, additional clean energy stored in batteries to be used when the sun is down, and airtight homes to create better temperature management and air filtration.

“The program advocates not only energy efficiency, but healthier building practices through the EPA Indoor airPLUS program, as well as domestic water savings through the EPA Water Sense program,” said Ferrell. “Advanced durability, site water management, and comfort details are also pillars of the certification.”

Solar energy is known for being expensive. While official prices haven’t been confirmed yet, these homes are so energy efficient that they will use 60 percent fewer solar panels than other houses, according to Mandalay Homes, which will make this new development more affordable. Ferrell stated that using solar panels and clean energy could reduce monthly electric bills by 85 percent.

“Our homes perform better in terms of energy usage to a savings of $703 on average annually,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell and Mandalay Homes are excited to break ground on the 2,900-home project the first week of November. All of the dates and prices are still TBD, but Mandalay Homes is expecting an 8- to 12-year construction process for the entire development to be finished.

“We love what the developer envisions for the Jasper community and Mandalay Homes as the partner home builder seems to be a natural fit,” said Ferrell. “We are very proud to have been selected to partner in Jasper.”