For snowbirds and vacationers alike, leaving your home for any period of time can be stressful.

You have your packing checklist and a travel itinerary to keep up with.

But don’t forget to prepare your home for vacation.

Before leaving your house:

- Clean out the fridge
- Water plants and move them to cool areas
- Hold your mail/newspaper or ask neighbor or family member to get it
- Adjust thermostat or schedule temperature change with an app
- Put at least one light on a timer
- Unplug small appliances
- Turn off valves to dishwasher, washing machine and all sinks
- Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly

As for the exterior of your house, "just do a general check of the bathroom and kitchen areas and look for any leaks,” said Adam Webster, President of Rocky Mountain Restoration. “I would check for damage to siding, windows, awnings and any other exterior features to the home.”

“What we see a lot is people come back into town and they turn the water on and they have a leak and they didn’t know it was there."

Webster also suggested replacing air filters and servicing your water heater.

“Things might look fine when you leave," he said, "but make sure someone’s there to keep an eye on things and can check in while your away.”

Making the necessary preparations can ensure you have a safe and stress-free return.