TEMPE, Ariz. - The email scandal stealing headlines at the Democratic National Convention is something that could affect anybody regardless of political affiliation.

"We probably think our email isn't that important -- not as important as the DNC email anyway -- but our email is the central part of our online identity," said cyber security expert Adam Doupe.

"When you go to a website and forget your password, what do they do? They send you an email with a little link you can go in and change your password. So once someone has access to your email, they have access to all the websites you have an account on."

Banks, credit cards, it's all right there in your personal email, but Doupe says it doesn't have to be that easy.

"Have a unique, strong, highly-difficult-to-guess password for your email," he said.

"Unique" means different from any other password you use -- and here's why:

"If you use that same password on some random site where you are buying socks, and that site gets hacked. now they have you email and password," Doupe said. "Make sure you have PIN codes on your phone, maybe use the fingerprint identification."

There are many ways to keep your email secure, but it takes effort to keep crooks from stealing your information.