You might say Beatrice Lugo is a fan of furniture from The RoomStore, which is now going out of business.

“I mean, my whole house is full of RoomStore,” said Lugo, an Ahwatukee resident. “I love RoomStore.”

But recently she noticed the cushions sinking on her new couch.

“It’s sinking the corners and the cushions are getting flat,” said Lugo.

She called The RoomStore to get it fixed and got nowhere.

“There were times I wanted to burst into tears they talked to me so rude,” she said.

The people she talked with also told her the RoomStore warranties she purchased were no good.

“I paid warranties on everything and he goes ‘The warranties are no longer valid’,” said Lugo, remembering her phone conversations with RoomStore representatives.

It’s true.

Attorneys for The RoomStore say, as part of bankruptcy proceedings, the company cannot honor any warranties for purchases made before the filing.

Then Beatrice Lugo saw another frustrated RoomStore customer on TV who decided to Call 12 for Action. So she decided to do the same thing and that’s when the situation started turning around.

Maury, one of our volunteer investigators, answered her call and had some good news.

“You have the opportunity to go to the manufacturer to honor their warranty,” said Maury.

He teamed up with Beatrice to contact the manufacturer of her couch, Robert Michael.

“The good news is, they’re stepping up and helping her out and honoring the warranty as they should,” Maury said.

Beatrice will get all new cushions for her couch.

“I was so thrilled and so happy,” she said.

Call 12 for Action is giving all customers of The RoomStore the same advice.

Seek out your furniture manufacturer directly for warranty issues. Click here for a list of vendor customer service numbers.

It worked for Beatrice.

“I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

If you need some help with the process Call 12 for Action.

If you have a consumer complaint, here’s how you can Call 12 for Action. Fill out our online form. Or call our volunteer investigators from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday-Friday at 602-260-1212 or 1-800-260-1212.