There is nothing worse than your air-conditioner going out on a day like today when the Valley reached a record-high temperature of 119 degrees.

But that's what happened to 71-year-old Pauline Worchel of Phoenix.

The A/C went out in Worchel's house last Wednesday. A portable A/C unit that Worchel's friend lent her has been her saving grace, but even with that on, the coolest part of her house was at 86 degrees.

Her hallway thermostat read 91 degrees, which Worchel expected to rise to about 98 degrees in the afternoon.

On top of that, Pauline is also struggling with several health issues. She a post-polio patient, has emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

She called her warranty company, Home Warranty of America, but they were backlogged.

"I feel like I am doing everything I can just doesn't ever seem to be enough," Worchel said through tears.

That's when Call 12 stepped in to see if we could do anything to help.

We got in contact with Home Warranty of America who apologized and told us they would send someone out to repair Worchel's unit tomorrow. The said Worchel wouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket.

Home Warranty of America sent us the following statement:

"While we strive to provide the best service to every one of our customers, we acknowledge this busy summer season and intense heat wave can affect our response times. We have secured a technician to come to her house tomorrow morning, and HWA will cover the cost of this claim. Our sincerest apologies to Ms. Worchel for any issues this delay may have caused.”