AR500 Armor located off I-17 in Phoenix creates bullet-resistant products for law-abiding citizens, military and law enforcement.

“We do everything from soft armor to hard armor to medical products and carriers for armor products we make," said Matt Dobson, a research and development engineer for the company.

The armor comes in all shapes and sizes and range from insertions for backpacks and purses to full vests with various compartments.

“Same way it’s important to have a smoke detector, a seat belt and fire extinguisher, having added protection if that’s what you feel you need or it’s important to you, there’s nothing wrong with that," said Dobson.

All armor is rated by the National Institute of Justice for the caliber and velocity which it will resist.

“Everything we put out either meets or exceeds NIJ standards," said Dobson.

In the showroom at AR500 Armor, you will see examples of armor that blocked shots from 12-gauge shotguns, high-powered rifles and handguns.

Another company to put on your radar is Bullet Blocker, which offers a variety of bullet-resistant products like inserts, briefcases, backpacks, business suits, vests and jackets.

“When we teach our classes, the first thing we teach is to find cover and if you’re are going to a place without cover, you might have to bring your cover with you," said Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent and owner of Hansen Firearms Training.

"Many people ask if it's worth it. Well, you have to decide the cost benefit. For a small investment, you can have peace of mind that there's something you can do to protect yourself."