Snakes are back out across the state and while we can be vigilant, dogs are often more curious and can easily be bitten. However, there is good news, as there is at least one business here in the Valley to help protect your dog.

Cody Will is the owner and operator of Rattlesnake Ready, LLC and states, “We are a full-time dog training business that specializes in rattlesnake aversion training. We teach dogs to avoid rattlesnakes.”

The training takes 20 to 30 minutes and is completed using a four-step program.

The first step: “We start with a really small snake, we put it out in the open and let the dogs investigate it. When they do they are wearing a shock collar, and basically as they sniff the snake, the collar takes the place of the snake bite and teaches them it is something harmful,” said Will.

The second step is all about scent, using a shed skin from a snake. The dogs learn the smell of the snakeskin and can learn to avoid the locations where snakes are present.

The third step is all about sound. “I will hide a mini speaker in bushes and play a rattlesnake recording and teach them to run away from the rattling sound,” said Will.

The final step brings the snakes back out. “In the end, we bring out the big snake and usually by this point they have it totally figured out and want nothing to do with it,” said Will.

And you don’t have to go to them, as they will come to your location for the training.

“I offer both private lessons as well as classes, and for private lessons, they are typically done right in the homeowners back yard. I also meet at parks or quiet trailheads,” said Will.

The low cost of training might surprise you, especially considering a medical bill for a dog that has been bitten by a snake is often over $1,000. “For private lessons, it is $100 for the first dog and then $80 per additional dog,” said Will.

For more information on getting your dog trained head over to their website: